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4 estate planning mistakes to avoid in Arkansas

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan in Arkansas is already a tough undertaking that even professionals sometimes stumble upon. It costs time, money and constant attention and effort since it’s a continuous process until your last breath. However, you can streamline the process as much as possible by knowing the type of mistakes to keep an eye out for and avoiding or correcting them.

Not understanding state tax law

Estate planning isn’t just about putting together documents; it also involves understanding how those documents interact with state tax laws and regulations. When drafting or revising an estate plan, ensure that you understand the relevant Arkansas and federal laws so that your plans don’t create any unwanted tax liabilities for your heirs down the line.

Failing to update your documents as needed

Even after you have created all of the necessary documents, it is important to keep them up to date. Over time, laws and regulations change, or you may have a major life event that requires updating the documents accordingly. Arkansas court might invalidate your estate plans even when you miss a minor detail in an important document.

Not planning for incapacity

Planning ahead for unexpected incapacitation is essential to ensure your well-being and peace of mind. When you are unable to make decisions on your own due to medical conditions, having documents like the durable power of attorney in place can ensure that someone else can take care of your affairs with the authority granted by law.

Keeping your family in the dark

Family conflicts and will contests often arise when estate owners don’t communicate their plans to the family members. Consider creating time to meet with all your family, friends and other beneficiaries to communicate your wishes so that everyone knows and respects your decisions.

In simpler terms, you can avoid messing up your estate plans by anticipating problems rather than trying to solve them or assuming everything will work out. It’s never too early or too late to start working on your plans as long as you are securing your future and that of your loved ones in Arkansas.