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Why writing a clear will is important

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Wills

Writing a will can make you feel like a responsible adult for preparing ahead. But a will is indeed a huge responsibility. Ensuring that its terms are precise and clear will save your family from a great deal of stress later. Below are some reasons why writing a complete and clear will is essential.

Ensuring a smooth estate administration

One of the purposes of estate planning tools like wills is to make it easier for executors to distribute estate assets to the proper recipients. However, if there are unclear provisions or terms in the document, it may take time to ascertain the decedent’s intention. This will cause delays in the estate’s administration. Carefully writing which particular beneficiary gets a specific property or how exactly an asset will be disposed of will ensure a smooth estate administration.

Preventing bad blood among heirs and beneficiaries

It is common for disputes to happen during estate distribution. Some parties may believe that it is only fair for them to receive more assets from the estate compared to others. Having a clear will can give clarity to the deceased’s preferences. Heirs and beneficiaries are more likely to respect the decedent’s wishes if the will is clear.

Avoiding will validity challenges

Involved parties may raise questions if they find the terms of the will ambiguous. They may argue that the decedent made a mistake while writing a certain unclear provision. Note that Arkansas allows any individual with legal standing to contest a will based on a mistake. Will contests will definitely delay the estate administration and in the worst-case scenario, the court can declare the will void.

Writing a will is not as easy as some may think. There are validity requirements and numerous factors to consider. If you have any doubt about drafting a will, it can also be helpful to acquire assistance from an estate planning expert.